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Project Management
  • Project management (objectives, organization, budget, activities, systems, timing, milestones, quality, risk, reporting)
  • Project support (PMO)
  • Business transformation readiness assessment
  • Enterprise mobility strategy / cloud strategy



Process, Platforms, People
  • High level business process mapping (AS-IS-TO-BE)
  • Content scan (Quantity and quality of available content, Consistency, Content Owners and Validity Rules)
  • IT-landscape scan: Current IT infrastructure in terms of business applications, interface management, maturity level of functional and technical application management
  • Organization scan: Organization entities (global, regional, local), handovers, current and future responsibilities, segregation of duties, communication channels
  • SOP writing



Train - Embed knowledge
  • eLearning


  • Knowledge Pedia

    Knowledge Pedia

  • Screen Tutorial

    Screen Tutorial

  • Process Mapping

    Process Mapping

  • Serious Games

    Serious Games

  • Business Continuity Management

    Business Continuity Management

  • Knowledge Portal

    Knowledge Portal

  • Content Maintenance

    Content Maintenance

  • Communication Pack

    Communication Pack

  • Virtual Classroom

    Virtual Classroom

  • Learning Management System

    Learning Management System

  • Performance System

    Performance System

  • Interactive Infographics

    Interactive Infographics

  • Flipbook


  • Animated Video

    Animated Video

Not able to attend a class room training? We can create a truly engaging online experience at your own pace, time and place. Making learners eager to keep learning. Every eLearning can be customized in any language with videos, games, exams and many more. 

Getting lost in the maze of business information? We create an online library of text and images which would be easy-to-use and allows the user to find the requested information in a nick of time.

Not knowing how to use new business software? We can provide you with screen tutorials, a guided simulation-based voice narration, that explains everything step by step. 

No insight in the frequency of activities and how responsibilities are embedded? To create insight in current ways of working or future set ups, we are able to describe your operations in a transparent way.

Traditional learning is not working? Play and learn. We can create a serious game, for an unforgettable learning experience. 

Not knowing what to do when a disaster strikes your company? We are able to make your business more resilient.

A knowledge portal is a single entrance point, a custom made application, where you find a graphical representation of the information behind it: documentation on processes and procedures: ‘One face, One voice.

Can’t find the latest updates of your documents? We make sure that your business content is always up-to date.

Not knowing how implement your changes in a structured way?
Posters, newsletters, company e-mails. You name it and we can provide you with a suitable communication pack that really brings the message across. 

No able to gather all employees in one trainings location at the same time?
Why not invite them in a virtual classroom online. You can access a virtual classroom from home, office, internet café or any other place which has an internet connection.

Not able to trace the learning performance of your employees?
We deliver a learning management system which provides insight in trainings followed, success rates and certificates. 

No insight in the performance of your employees?
We support companies to evaluate employees periodically in order to measure capabilities, performance and set targets for improvement

Difficulties in presenting more complex information in a simple way?
Interactive infographics not only present data in graphic form, but allow you to interact with the data – unraveling and discovering information at their own terms. 

Don’t want to use a PowerPoint presentation but something more engaging? 
A flipbook capture readers’ attention in a powerful and engaging way. Any digital page content can be transformed into a virtual document where the pages turn on-screen, engaging you through an attractive, high-tech navigation method!

Experiencing wrong interpreting of text message? We create animated videos that make it fast and simple for anyone to understand, learn, better stimulate brainstorming and to share knowledge.

Track - Trace effectiveness
  • Plan, track and monitor learning effectiveness with Learning Management System
  • Learning Academy for Community of Professional Experts



Performance & Improvement
  • Performance system
  • KPI
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Assessment



Continuity - Business Resilience
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Content Management - keep content (policies, SOPs, Learning materials) always up to date